Meetings are held bi-weekly from 2:30-4pm on Wednesdays at CSE 4140. For more info or to be added to the mailing list, email mgymrek AT ucsd DOT edu.

Fall 2016

Date Presented by Title Format
11/02/16 McVicker Group Mapping regulatory sequences in the human genome Research
11/16/16 Bafna Group Algorithms for detecting complex variation Research
11/30/16 Bansal Group Haplotyping from sequence data Research

Winter 2017

Date Presented by Title Format
01/18/17 Gymrek Group Deep learning to infer regulatory effects of genetic variation Journal club/Primer
02/01/17 Palmer Group Behavioral genetics in mice, rates, and men Research
02/15/17 McVicker Group Identifying regulatory variants and mutations Research
03/01/17 Gaulton Group Deciphering the genetic mechanisms of diabetes risk Research
03/15/17 Shahab Sarmashghi Computing interval overlap statistics Research
03/29/17 Spring Break

Spring 2017

Date Presented by Title Format
04/12/17 Gymrek Group Analyzing the contribution of repetitive variants to human traits Research
04/26/17 Mirarab Group A Two-State Model of Tree Evolution and its Applications to Alu Retrotransposition Research
05/10/17 Bafna Group Algorithms for Selection Research
05/24/17 Cancelled
06/07/17 Salem Group Elucidating the genetic architecture of complex traits: big data and phenotype modeling Research
06/21/17 McVicker Group CRISPR screens for gene regulatory elements Research