Meetings are held bi-weekly from 10-11:30 and rotate locations between the School of Medicine, School of Engineering, and Salk Institute. For more info or to be added to the mailing list, email mgymrek AT ucsd DOT edu.


Unless otherwise noted, the three locations will be:


Fall 2017

Date Location Organizing Group Title
September 27, 2017 Leichtag 107 McVicker Lab Intro and quantitative trait locus mapping of molecular traits (Graham McVicker)
Discovery of non-coding regulatory mutations in cancer genomes (Arko Sen)
New methods for analyzing CRISPR regulatory screens (Patrick Fiaux)
October 11, 2017 CSE 1242 Various labs ASHG Practice Talks
Fine-mapping the favored mutation in a positive selective sweep (Ali Akbari - Bafna Lab)
GWAS of Alcohol Use disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) scores in an unselected cohort of 20,328 research participants of European ancestry: rs41973904 and beyond. (Sandra Sanchez-Roige - Palmer Lab)
Identification of Mosaic Germline Mutations in Sperm. (Martin Breuss - Gleeson Lab)
October 25, 2017 Salk Institute Trustees Room Schork Lab Quantitative Translational Research (Nicholas Schork)
Germline coding variation, variant calling artifacts and tumor phenotypes (Alexandra Buckley)
Whole genome sequencing and factors influencing glaucoma (Argus Athanas)
Cross-species analyses to identify human longevity drug targets (Jamison McCorrison)
November 8, 2017 Leichtag 107 Sebat Lab Paternally inherited noncoding structural variants contribute to autism (Danny Antaki)
Predicting Pathogenicity of Structural Variation using Machine Learning (Prateek Tandon)
November 22, 2017 CSE 1242 Carter Lab TBD
December 6, 2017 Salk Institute Trustees Room Goren Lab TBD

Winter 2018

Date Location Organizing Group Title
January 17, 2018 SOM - TBD Lewis Lab TBD
January 31, 2018 CSE 1202 Mirarab Lab TBD
February 14, 2018 Salk Institute Trustees Room Gaulton Lab TBD
February 28, 2018 Leichtag 107 Bansal Lab TBD
March 14, 2018 CSE 1202 Wang Lab TBD

Spring 2018

Date Location Group Title
March 28, 2018 Salk Institute Trustees Room Ay Lab TBD
April 11, 2018 Leichtag 107 Salem Lab TBD
April 25, 2018 CSE 4140 Gymrek Lab TBD
May 9, 2018 Salk Institute Trustees Room Ren/Gorkin/Preissl Labs TBD
May 23, 2018 Leichtag 107 Harismendy Lab TBD
June 6, 2018 CSE 4140 Lakoucheva TBD

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